5 In 1 Books - Dinosaur Surprise

5 board books in 1 great package. Stegosaurus wants to give her mom a great gift but can t find the right thing. Stegosaurus loves her mama with all her heart. Her mama takes good care of her. Learn about shapes as you read about Stegosaurus s perfect gift then read each of the mini books about her other dinosaur friends: Triceratops, Apotosaurus, T-Rex, and Dragonfly.
The larger board book in each 5 in 1 set focuses on one animal, tells a simple story about that animal while also teaching an educational concept. The four mini books each focus on other animals from the same ecosystem and reinforce the educational concept with simple phrases or sentences.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781946426024
Categories Board Books, BX, Children's Books, Group 1, New Arrivals
Author(s) Brandi Dougherty
Publisher Canopy Books
Pages 40
Format Board Book
Dimensions 22.60cm x 1.50cm x 22.90cm
Weight 0.46 kg