50 Natural Ways to Detox: Diet and Exercise to Cleanse Your Body and Mind

This title offers 50 quick-fix tips to cleanse your body and mind, including detoxifying food and drinks, aromatherapy, massage and purifying body treatments. It provides recipes for cleansing foods and drinks, from superfoods to smoothies. It outlines a range of aerobic exercises to increase the heart rate: try cycling, running and dancing. It offers relaxation exercises and sequences, such as meditation and simple visualization. It suggests suitable spa treatments, including cleansing facials, saunas, mud wraps, steam facials, foot soaks, body scrubs and invigorating salt baths. It includes detox plans such as mono-diet, weekend, hangover and 7-day detox. If you always mean to cut down on caffeine, alcohol and fast foods, and start taking regular exercise, but just never manage to find the time for a healthy diet and exercise routine, this book may be just what you need. Because it is organized into sections, you can quickly choose the foods, detox plans, massage techniques, exercises and treatments to suit you. Choose one of four detox plans, from the revitalizing 1-day detox to the more thorough 7-day detox. Alternatively, create a self-tailored regime by eating foods that will help your body to cleanse itself: fresh fruit and vegetables; tasty grains, nuts and pulses; soothing tisanes and tangy smoothies. It provides simple and quick exercise and relaxation sequences that describe ways to recharge the batteries, both physically and mentally. Finally, a selection of cleansing spa treatments, from body scrubs to facials, will leave you refreshed and energized.

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