Anatomy And 100 Stretching Exercises For Runners

Barron's Anatomy and 100 Stretching Exercises for Runners includes stretching exercises to help runners improve their range of motion, decrease discomfort, and prevent sporting or other injuries. Each exercise is clearly illustrated and includes precise, easy-to-follow instructions. You'll get:
100 effective exercises for runners of all levels, and those searching for pain relief associated with injuriesStep-by-step methods for the most effective exercise routinesAnatomical descriptions of the parts of the body and the muscles being workedPhotographic representations of each exercise, complemented by detailed illustrations of the primary and secondary musclesExplanations that ensure correct techniques and proper safety precautionsThe numbers of repetitions needed depending on fitness levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and the physiological benefits of each exerciseA quick reference guide to the most beneficial stretches for specific ailments, and more
You'll learn how to Increase your overall sense of well-being, overcome physical ailments, and learn the proper way to stretch your body to get the most out of your running. Runners who want to improve their overall flexibility, feel great, and look great too will want this comprehensive guide.

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