Anatomy For Artists

Drawing the human figure with confidence and skill is perhaps the biggest challenge an artist can face, but it is the most rewarding when done successfully.

In Anatomy for Artists, best-selling author and artist Barrington Barber provides clear annotated diagrams of every part of the human body useful to the artist, showing bone structure, musculature and surface views.

Throughout the book he gives practical advice, gained from years of experience, on how to apply your newfound knowledge to the drawing of live models. This carefully researched, comprehensive book is an invaluable reference resource for the practising artist.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781788288354
Categories BX, Group 1, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Reference
Author(s) Barrington Barber
Publisher Arcturus Publishing Ltd
Pages 304
Format Paperback
Dimensions 22.50cm x 2.20cm x 28.00cm
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