Associates Of Sherlock Holmes /P

For the very first time, famous associates of the Great Detective - clients, colleagues, and of course, villains - tell their own stories in this collection of brand-new adventures. Follow Inspector Lestrade as he and Sherlock Holmes pursue a killer to rival Jack the Ripper; sit with Mycroft Holmes as he solves a case from the comfort of the Diogenes Club; take a drink with Irene Adler and Dr Watson in a Parisian cafe; and join Colonel Sebastian Moran on the hunt for a supposedly mythical creature...

Product Overview
ISBN 9781783299300
Categories BX, Crime, Fiction, Group 1, Mystery and Thriller, New Arrivals
Author(s) Mann, George (Edt)
Publisher Titan Books
Pages 304
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.90cm x 2.60cm x 20.20cm
Weight 0.28 kg