Avengers: The Inititiative - The Complete Collectio

After the Civil War, the Initiative is the new face of the Marvel Universe! As pro-registration super teams populate the 50 states, Yellowjacket, War Machine, She-Hulk, Justice and Gauntlet train the heroes of tomorrow for the confl icts of today! But as the recruits fall in, who will graduate, who will fl unk out - and who will die?! Worry not, because for every soldier that doesn't make it, there are plenty more waiting in line! And when a vacancy arises at the Camp Hammond training ground, the new drill instructor will be a real Taskmaster! But as the Skrulls'Secret Invasion is revealed, the fate of the Initiative, the United States, and Planet Earth hang in the balance! COLLECTING: AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE 1-19, ANNUAL 1

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ISBN 9781302904111
Categories BX, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Comics, New Arrivals
Author(s) Dan Slott; Christos Gage
Publisher Marvel Comics
Pages 496
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