Baby Animals: A Portrait Of The Animal World

Over 80 illustrations. All living creatures have a wonderful story to tell through the lives of their babies. Absorbing, appealing, and vulnerable, yound creatures just entering the world, though often charming, have a great deal to face in order to survive to adulthood. From birds, reptiles, and mammals to fish, spiders, insects, and amphibians, this volume covers in detail such topics as birth, early care, and development; feeding and growth; self-defense; imitation and play; training for adulthood; and the moment of independence. Illustrated with over 80 full-color photographs, here is an informative introduction to the early lives of animals of all kinds.

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ISBN 9781597643153
Categories BX, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Pets and Animals, WBD
Author(s) Sterry, Paul
Publisher New Line Books
Pages 72
Format Paperback
Dimensions 22.9cm x 1.0cm x 32.0cm
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