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Babysafe In Seven Steps

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The "founding fathers" of babyganics, the much-loved brand of baby-safe household and body care products, share some surprising news: "Green" isn't necessarily baby-safe. But here's the good news: What's safe and good for a baby is "always" good for the planet. It's a simple change in perspective, and everybody wins! Now these authors have written a vital guide to creating a baby-safe home, diet, and environment that's healthy and happy for your new family. When a new baby comes home, you suddenly start paying close attention to everything he touches and everything that touches him. From cleaning your floors and countertops to giving a bath or applying sunscreen to grooming your pets--now that a baby's involved, everything raises the same simple question: How safe is it for my family? Kevin Schwartz and Keith Garber know babies. And they know safety--especially when it comes to protecting, moisturizing, nourishing, and cleaning babies. In "BabySafe in Seven Steps, "they've applied their family-tested and expert research to these seven critical categories: - MOMMY DETOX: How to reduce exposure to additives, preservatives, and chemicals in food and beauty products while pregnant--plus essential tips for safeguarding the nursery - "CRIB" IMPROVEMENT: Here's help in identifying toxins under the sink, in the garage, or on the patio--and how to mix your own DIY baby-safe cleaners - PAMPERED BABIES: Advice on selecting the best diapers, soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergent for your little one - PLAYING SAFE: How to avoid PVCs in toys, understand "choking hazard" warnings, and ensure that rattles, teething rings, and other gear are safe - FAMILY FOOD FUN: Helpful hints for choosing, cooking, and storing the most nutritious snacks, meals, and treats - FUR BABIES MATTER, TOO: Learn the baby-safe ways to groom, bathe, and play with your pets - WORLD-PROOFING: How to fertilize your lawn without pesticides, keep bugs away naturally, protect baby skin from the sun, and prepare for dirty parks, playrooms, and changing stations. These seven steps make it easy and affordable to create an environment that will allow your baby to develop and explore freely and safely--so that you can relax and enjoy every special moment! *This book may have remainder mark.

Book Title Babysafe In Seven Steps
ISBN 9780345547125
By Author(s) Kevin Schwartz
Publisher Ballantine Books
Pages 280
Format Paperback
Dimensions 17.53cm x 2.54cm x 18.03cm
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