Bad Move: A Zack Walker Mystery #1

Zack Walker is a writer with an overactive imagination and two teenage children. After a murder on their street, he uproots his family from the city - insisting it's for their own good - and heads for the security of the suburbs.

However, his peaceful new life is soon shattered when he finds a body while out walking by the creek. Zack recognizes the dead man - and knows who his killer might be.

Things go from bad to worse as Zack follows a trail of deceit that leads right to his front door. To protect his family - and so he doesn't get framed for a crime he didn't commit - he's going to have to track down the killer himself.

Suddenly the suburbs are not looking nearly so safe . . .

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ISBN 9780752883137
Categories BX, Crime, Fic20, Fiction, Mystery and Thriller
Author(s) Linwood Barclay
Publisher Orion
Pages 0
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.4cm x 2.8cm x 20.0cm
Weight 0.275 kg
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