Bandit Queen Boogie

Blackie and Chloe, two best friends, decide to spend the summer after graduation backpacking through Europe. One is dark and boisterous, the other blond and quiet. Together, they are an irresistible combination to men...married men to be exact. Accepting these cheaters' invitations to their hotel suites, Blackie and Chloe beat them at their own games and make off with cash and whatever valuables are at hand while the men sleep it off. When their latest victim turns up dead, the gig is up...and the Bandit Queens are on the run.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781842431344
Categories BX, Fiction, New Arrivals, Romance, Women's Fiction
Author(s) Sparkle Hayter
Pages 320
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.9cm x 2.4cm x 19.8cm
Weight 0.181 kg