Bbh:Reply All & Other Ways To Tank Your (Bwd)

Millions of people have improved their lives with the help of Richie Frieman, the hilariously insightful columnist known as the Modern Manners Guy on the Quick and Dirty Tips network. In his new guide to fixing workplace faux pas, he interviews dozens of celebrities, sports stars, designers, musicians, CEOs, and everyone in between to get the pros' take on manners challenges of every flavor, including: * How to make a great first impression and land the job. * How to deal with the Cubicle Invader. * How to navigate the office party. * What to do if you encounter your boss at the gym, naked. * Relationships on the job-fact or fiction? With his signature wit and unique insight, Richie reveals the best ways to handle every sticky situation with aplomb and class. Case studies, chapter quizzes, and even cartoons all help to deliver actionable, easy-to-use tips to help young professionals navigate the minefield of their workplace and come out on top.

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ISBN 9781250037268
Categories Business and Economics, BX, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Richie Frieman
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Pages 260
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.6cm x 2.0cm x 18.2cm
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