Bicycling Maximum Overload For Cyclists : A Radical Strength-Based Program For Improved Speed And Endurance In Half The Time

Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists is a radical strength based training program aimed at increasing cyclist's speed in half the training time. This book teaches that endurance is improved not by riding longer distances, but by reducing riding time and adding heavy strength training. Traditionally cyclists and endurance athletes have avoided strength training, afraid that the extra muscle weight will slowthem down, but coauthors Roy Wallack and Jacques DeVore show that exactly the opposite is true. The maximum overload program uses weightlifting to create sustainable power and improve speed while cutting training time in half and eliminating the dreaded deterioration during the second half of a ride. A40-minute Maximum Overload workout, done once or twice a week, can replace a long day in the saddle and lead to even better results. The comprehensive program includes unique takes on diet, interval training, hard and easy training, and sustainable power.
Backed by the most trusted authority in the sport, Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists will appeal to cyclists and triathletes of all levels looking to improve their performance and achieve better overall fitness and long-term health.

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ISBN 9781623367749
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Author(s) Roy M. Wallack
Publisher Rodale Press Inc.
Pages 272
Format Paperback
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