Birds (With Dvd)

The Mini Archive" series is a new series capturing the best of the best of ancient, rare, and significant volumes that have rarely or never before been reproduced or made available to the public. Each book in the series will focus on a single topic through abundant illustration and documentation. The topics will cover a wide range of subjects including art, architecture, fashion, heraldry, geography, navigation, medicine, and the natural world. Drawing from Georges-Louis Leclerc's 36 volume masterpiece, "Histoire Naturelle, Generale Et Particuliere" (first conceived of in 1749 and completed in 1789) "Birds" will feature 350 of Leclerc's magnificent original paintings, faithfully reproduced in full colour. To bring this lovely volume into the 21st Century, the paperback format and low price will keep the book fun and affordable. A visual index will categorize each bird according to name, species, class, and genome (emphasizing the book's educational aspect); and an accompanying DVD, containing all of the images in the book (in Tiff and Jpeg format) completely copyright free to be used in any manner the reader sees fit, will complete this truly unique package. "Birds" will appeal to bird watchers, collectors, students, artists and aesthetes alike, for no one will be able to resist the undeniable beauty of Leclerk's vivid and delicate paintings. To use Leclerc's own words with the aid of colours, it is possible to present our eyes with a description which is more perfect and softer than anything that could ever be achieved with words.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780062039569
Categories BX, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Pets and Animals, WBD
Author(s) Georges-Louis Leclerc De Buffon
Publisher Harpercollins Publishers Inc
Pages 288
Format Paperback
Dimensions 17.2cm x 1.8cm x 19.2cm
Weight 0.91 kg
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