On paper, Jamie MacAfee's life is perfect. She loves her fiancee, she's happy with her plans for the future and she gets to work alongside her beloved mother, Caroline, on their family home renovation show. In reality, she can't seem to make herself set a wedding date and an ageist, sexist decision by their TV network has thrown both her job and her relationship with Caroline into jeopardy. Meanwhile Caroline, who has been painfully putting herself back together after a difficult divorce, is watching the plans she's built her life around go up in flames. As loyalties shift and new relationships tempt, Jamie and Caroline will be tested as never before. Yet when all is said and done, there's nothing quite like the bond of family.

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ISBN 9780349405049
Categories BX, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, New Arrivals
Author(s) Barbara Delinsky
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Pages 512
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