*Building High Performance Government Through Lean Six Sigma

Private Sector Strategies for Public Service Leaders No corner of the government or public sector has been spared from budget turmoil in recent years. Among budget cuts, increased requirements, and new threats and challenges, governments typically balance the scales through (1) increased funding and/ or (2) rationalizing services or service levels. This book gives you a third option. It’s called high performance, and it’s been implemented in the private sector?with great success?for more than two decades. This hands-on guide, written by the global consultants from Accenture, shows you how to apply these business principles in any public organization. Learn how to: Improve the outcomes you deliver? while lowering the cost to deliver them. Streamline your operations?by increasing speed, agility, and efficiency. Build a high-performance “anatomy” to strengthen your organization. Manage assets, decrease risks and losses, and deliver true excellence. Featuring case studies from the public sector, including federal, state, local, agencies, bureaus, and departments, this unique guide takes you inside government organizations, where high performance “anatomy” is already making a difference. You’ll discover low-cost techniques deployed by the Naval Air Systems Command and the IRS, as well as high-performance solutions for problems as diverse as homeland security, disaster response, health care costs, and dwindling resources. High Performance Government provides a proven method for adapting to the “New Normal” of lower budgets by showing you how to do even more with even less?creating a learning, working environment that reacts to change. This is how the top companies in the world increase productivity and profits through any market conditions. From Wall Street to Washington and Main Street, real success is driven by execution excellence. This book gives you the solutions you need to lower cost and create a leaner more efficient organization.

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Author(s) Hundley M. Elliotte, Walter Mores, Mark Price
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Pages 192
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