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Cheat The Clock

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Revised and updated!Washington Post reporter Margaret Pressler's husband, Jim, is one of those people who doesn't look his age. After years of fielding questions about how he does it, Pressler decided to ask the experts. Her conversations with some of the world's leading authorities on aging and genetics, which she wrote about for the newspaper, revealed a new world of research and advice about aging and what you can do to age less, feel better, and look better. Virtually everything she uncovered dovetailed with habits Jim had already established for himself. But beyond that, she found a tremendous amount of new research about how and why we age, the antiaging properties of some foods and supplements, and the youth-retaining effects of certain behaviors.Cheat the Clock uses Jim Pressler as a jumping-off point to examine the foremost research about aging well, with actionable advice real people can easily incorporate into their lives on a daily basis. Jim's experience is worth sharing: Margaret's research showed he is proof making small, easy steps can make a big difference in how good a person feels and looks over many years, and that the proverbial 'good genes' don't play as large of a role as once thought. These are not the ideals of a fitness buff or a nutrition fanatic; these minor tweaks in diet, exercise, lifestyle, and personal care are painless to adopt and achievable for anyone, but can have a big payoff over time.In Margaret's engaging style, Cheat the Clock shows the long-term rewards of adopting a new regimen focused on these crucial aspects:- Maintaining a healthy weight- Engaging in the right kind and right amount of exercise- Eating an antiaging diet- Getting antioxidants from food- Discovering the wonders of the right dosage of vitamin E- Avoiding behaviors that age people the most- Having plenty of sex- Taking care of skin and teeth- Adjusting attitude and lifestyle. *This book may have remainder mark.

Book Title Cheat The Clock
ISBN 9781615644223
By Author(s) Margaret Webb Pressler
Publisher Alpha Books
Pages 318
Format Paperback
Dimensions 22.6cm x 1.7cm x 15.2cm
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