Christopher Columbus And The Mystery Of The Bell Of Santa Maria

In this unique volume, hundreds of archival and specially commissioned photographs accompany a penetrating analysis to fit together the pieces of the many puzzles surrounding Christopher Columbus. The controversial revelations of this book, derived from the interpretation of ancient maps and the results of underwater exploration, will thrill armchair adventurers and intrigue history buffs who have long craved more information on the mysterious identity of the legendary explorer.This fascinating volume takes readers on a voyage of discovery into the mysterious life of Christopher Columbus. The authors present fresh insight into the identity of Columbus, revealing new and surprising discoveries into his lineage and true identity. The latter part of the book is devoted to one of the most important events in modern archaeology: the search for the diving bell of the flagship of Columbus? expedition, The Santa Maria, discovered in 1994.

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ISBN 9788854403963
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Author(s) Velera
Publisher Consuelo
Pages 223
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