Contemporary Chinese Interiors

Turn the page and indulge yourself in a world where acid jazz plays against traditional Chinese lanterns and antique furniture. In recent years, contemporary Chinese designs have not only become popular in Asia, they are also gained a strong following in the western world. This book features a collection of projects from the Asian region including China, Hong Kong and Singapore which will hopefully inspire designers the world over to continue to bring this design phenomenon to a higher level. Apart from documenting the unique designs of these interiors, the book also serves the readers a glimpse into the new China, the emerging of a new generation that is a reflection of boldness meets subtlety, commercial meets conventional, old meets new and last but not least East meets west.

Product Overview
ISBN 9789812451965
Categories Architecture and Design, BX, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle
Author(s) Bernard Chan Chun-Leuk
Publisher Page One
Pages 192
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 24.6cm x 2.3cm x 26.9cm
Weight 1.28 kg