Cooking Of Spain

This title features over 65 delicious and authentic regional Spanish recipes shown in 300 step-by-step photographs. It offers fabulous authentic recipes, from weekday family meals to dinners for special occasions. You can explore the essence of this rich historical cuisine and learn about ingredients and how to use them, including olives and olive oil, vegetables, and herbs and spices. It includes both traditional and contemporary recipes for soups; vegetables and salads; fish and shellfish; poultry and game birds; meat and game; and desserts. The dishes range from Spanish staples such as Paella and Cocido to lesser-known local delights such as warming Asturian Fabada and delicious Catalan Spiced Duck with Pears. Every recipe is shown in stunning photographs with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to ensure perfect results every time. This book is a fascinating journey through a distinctive cuisine. The introduction describes Spain's food and cooking tradition and introduces the staple Spanish ingredients and how to use them. The heart of the book, however, is a recipe collection of over 65 classic and regional dishes with plenty of variety to suit any occasion.

All the standard Spanish recipes are included, such as Gazpacho, Escalivada, Seafood Paella, Skewered Lamb with Red Onion, and Sorbete de Limon. Every recipe is shown in detailed step-by-step sequences with a glorious photograph of each finished dish. From family meals to celebration feasts this book will ensure you can prepare Spanish food with confidence and style.

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