This is the science and practice of studying excavation materials and ancient sites with 300 colour photographs, maps and detailed illustrations. This is a unique book for the practical archeaologist, going beyond the initial discovery and excavation to the key processes of analysis that take place in the next stages. Discover what happens post dig, how all the information is linked together and analysed, and the different people involved in the process. Learn how to study artefacts to provide dating evidence and the range of techniques used including dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating. Investigate the many expert archaeological fields associated with buildings, battlefields, marine archaeology, facial reconstruction, forensics, archaeoastronomy, and more. This title includes an authoritative section on the major archaeological periods, from pre-history to pre-Columbian, and the discoveries associated with them. It gives advice on how to get involved in local research projects. This illustrated guide is ideal for anyone with a passion for delving into the past.
It is a fascinating read for those who wish to learn all about what happens to the finds once they are recovered and how experts collate and link all the information together. A chronological section guides you through the major archaeological periods and explains how the study of ancient bones and stone tools has given new insights into the origins and evolution of the human species and our interaction with the environment. You can witness the human migrations that began in the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic eras, and progressed towards the great technologies of the later stone and metal ages, and culminating in complex civilizations. There are sections on the key techniques associated with different types of archaeological sites, from churches and burial chambers to industrial buildings and shipwrecks. With a total of 300 colour photographs and illustrative artworks, this is a fantastic reference book for new and experienced archaeologists alike.

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