Disney The Never Girls: Wedding Wings

When Gabby is asked to be the flower girl at her babysitter's wedding, she travels to Never Land to tell the fairies! No fairy has ever been to a Clumsy's wedding and they want to know everything. Gabby wishes they could come with her to see it, but her big sister, Mia, says no. Bess, an art-talent fairy, wants to paint a picture of the wedding, but she can't imagine what it would be like. That's when Prilla suggests Bess could travel through the hole between worlds and see the wedding for herself! One little fairy couldn't cause too much trouble - right?

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ISBN 9781472389992
Categories BX, Children's Books, New Arrivals, Reading Books
Author(s) Disney
Publisher Parragon Books Ltd
Pages 128
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13.0cm x 1.0cm x 19.3cm
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