Easy Juicing

Kick-start your day, pep yourself up mid-afternoon, or power-up after a hard workout--Nicola Graimes has gathered recipes for the 100 best beverages you can make in a juicer or blender. Super-quick and ultra-easy to make, each drink is bursting with goodness.

From the seriously frivolous Peach Baby to the skin-saving Green Goddess, you can indulge your decadent side and enhance your health at the same time. The chapter on Coolers and Quenchers will help you chill out and recharge on a hot day. The chapter on Pick-Me-Ups and Revivers are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These super-juices will rejuvenate your body and mind.

Whether you choose cleansing blends to brighten dull skin, want an instant, delicious detox in-aglass, or need immunity-boosting ingredients to fight colds and combat stress, with Easy Juicing you'll look amazing and feel fabulous all year round.

Finally, you'll love Nicola's Tipples, whether you're planning a party, an intimate soirée, or are just in the mood for an adult drink, these recipes are guaranteed to liven things up. Fruity twists on cocktail classics include a gin Bramble, Dolce Vita, or Mango Daiquiri--could be just the thing to give your night that extra edge.

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