Everything Cats Expect You To Know

No matter how much we love our cats, they always remain slightly elusive characters. For all their furry feline cuteness, they retain a stubborn, independent streak that often leaves their owners baffled. Now, find out everything you ever wanted to know about cats and their world. This delightful and easy-to-read compendium of cat facts, folklore, humor, and quotations offers insights into what it's like to be a cat. You'll find plenty of cat-inspired amusement: Notable cats in literature--from Hemingway to Shakespeare. Sure signs that Fizzy needs to shed a few pounds (Mice get caught in her gravitational pull). The difference between cats and dogs: "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff." And plenty of practical advice and tips on a range of catcare questions, including: When to call the vet What cats hate the most How to retrain a fussy eater How to make boarding bearable How to prevent Christmas "cat-astrophes" This is essential reading for cat owners who want a deeper understanding of their feline friends. Quite simply, this is the book your cat wants you to read.

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ISBN 9781561486250
Categories BX, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Pets and Animals, WBD
Author(s) Martyn, Elizabeth
Publisher Good Books
Pages 256
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 15.3cm x 2.6cm x 22.9cm
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