This richly illustrated volume details 260 stepby- step recipes with in-depth explanations for kitchen novices that cover all basic techniques and desserts, grouped by category: hot or cold desserts, entremets, classic pastries, cakes, tarts, and frozen desserts. Expert chefs provide baking tips that will assure success with foolproof dough, creams and mousses, chocolate and candy, sauces, and frozen desserts. Classic and contemporary recipes feature creme brulee, Black Forest cake, clafoutis, lemon meringue pie, profiteroles, frozen raspberry souffle, Opera, tarte tatin, crepes Suzette, macaroons, gingerbread, strawberry-cherry gazpacho, mango-pineapple carpaccio, fruit taboule, Yule log, and sugar decorations. Practical references include visual lexicons of recommended kitchen equipment and common ingredients; decorative piping models; conversion tables; a glossary; descriptions of regional French specialties and fifteen classic French desserts; and an index of recipes and main ingredients. More than 600 photographs and twenty downloadable videos of complex techniques enhance the learning experience in this essential guide for novice and established cooks alike.

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ISBN 9782080201577
Categories Cookbooks, Food and Drinks, malaysiaday1963, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle
Author(s) Vincent Boue, Hubert Delorme, Didier Stephan
Publisher Editions Flammarion
Pages 480
Format Hardcover
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