First Fun Flashcards Colours And Shapes

First Fun Flashcards Colours and Shapes are designed to engage toddlers and help them to learn through play. First Fun Flashcards Colours and Shapes contains 27 double-sided cards. On one side of the shapes cards is the shape word, a basic shape image and a short descriptive sentence. For example, 'circle' and 'a circle is round, with no corners'. On the other side is an example of the shape in everyday life, such as 'steering wheel'. One side of the colours cards is relevantly coloured and shows the colour word. The other side contains a familiar object, such as 'red' and 'strawberry'. Both types of card encourage shape, colour and word recognition in a fun, practical way. Packaged in a durable card box, these fantastic flash cards are ideal for using at home and while travelling. Features of First Fun Flashcards Colours and Shapes: ? The easy-to-read text and colourful object examples help children to learn first words. ? A mixture of images are used ? from basics such as 'blue balloon' to more complex ideas such as 'an octagon has eight sides' ? to stimulate a child's curiosity and expand vocabulary. ? The pack includes a double-sided instruction flashcard. On one side are ideas for educational games that support early learning and on the other side is a primary colours chart. This pack also includes a colour/shape overview card. ? These amazing flashcards for kids are made of sturdy material and are the perfect size for small hands. Ideas for how to use First Fun Flashcards Colours and Shapes: ? Identify the colour or shape on each card. ? Group shapes by whether they have straight lines or curved lines. ? Have a selection of crayons nearby and match the colour on the card to one of the crayons. ? Draw a range of shapes in different colours. For example, draw a pink square or a green circle.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781782091158
Categories Educational Supplies, Non-Book
Author(s) Belinda Gallagher
Publisher Miles Kelly
Pages 27
Format Flash Card Paperback
Dimensions 11.2cm x 3cm x 14.7cm
Weight 0.4 kg
Notes The book images and summary displayed may be of a different edition or binding of the same title.


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