First Questions And Answers 10 Pack

These books are full of big questions about the animal world! Children can find out everything from why kangaroos have pouches to how polar bear cubs keep warm, to why whales are so big and why dolphins squeak. More than 30 fun questions, clear answers and fantastic illustrations to help explain things further. They also include cartoons and extra-special facts to keep kids entertained. Titles in this pack include: Baby Animals Which animal is the best mum Why do kangaroos have pouches Why do lion cubs play fight What do baby pandas eat Big Cats What is the bounciest cat How do snow leopards keep warm Which cat goes fishing How do cats see in the dark Bugs Why are butterflies brightly coloured Why do bees make honey Why do ladybirds have spots Do earwigs really live in ears Coral Reef Why are corals different shapes Which crab moves house How do fish clean their teeth Why does an octopus have eight arms Endangered Animals How many animals die out every day Why do polar bears need ice Which ape is the most endangered Are mountain gorillas safe Monkeys & Apes Do apes love their mums Why do chimps kiss Why do gorillas beat their chests Which monkey has a moustache Reptiles & Amphibians Which toad carries eggs on its back Are dragons real Why do lizards stick on walls Why can't iguanas blink Seashore Life Why do birds love the seaside Why are pebbles round Where do turtles lay their eggs What hides in the sand Sharks Do sharks go to sleep Why are sharks so scary Which fish stick to sharks Do sharks lose their teeth Whales & Dolphins Why do whales sing How do dolphins say hello Why do whales puff and blow Why do whales and dolphins get stranded

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ISBN 9781782092216
Categories BX, Children's Books, Children's Reference, WBD
Author(s) Belinda Gallagher
Publisher Miles Kelly Little Press
Pages 240
Format Paperback
Dimensions 31.6cm x 1.9cm x 24.5cm
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