Foil Art Cinderella

A stunning creative craft series, with beautiful pictures you can colour and embellish, and intricate Foil Art pictures you can decorate with the shiny foil sheet enclosed in the front cover pocket.

Each book includes a large foil sheet and beautiful pictures to decorate. Simply peel back the pre-cut pictures or shapes to reveal a sticky surface, position the foil on top then rub and lift to reveal a shiny foil addition to your picture. Then colour and tear out to hang up and admire.

The enchanting tale is told on the illustrated story pages, where you can add colour to bring the intricate illustrations to life - completing your very own picture book!

Then on the special Foil Art sticker pages at the back, you can embellish 10 stunning illustrations that feature in the story by peeling away the sticker shapes, rubbing on the foil then revealing your special decorated pictures underneath.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781783706846
Categories Activity Books, Children's Books, New Arrivals
Author(s) Holly Brook-Piper
Publisher Studio Press
Weight 0.23 kg