*From A Good Sales Call To A Great Sales Call

Create a Tailor-Made Sales Strategy Using Lessons from the Field! When things don't go well on a sales call, you probably ask yourself, "Why did I lose that sale?" . . . and then move on. But the question remains: Why did you lose that sale? Learning the answer can mean the difference between landing and losing the next sale. From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call teaches you how to assess your strengths and weaknesses based on information you can get from the most qualified source available-the buyer. You'll learn how to: Approach postdecision prospects using best practices and proper etiquetteDesign a comprehensive "debrief" questionnaire Obtain more candid and accurate feedback from prospects Identify important patterns in your techniquesUse what works and improve what doesn't to close more sales than ever Filled with sample dialogs you can use with prospects, From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call is neatly organized into eight easy-to-follow steps that take you through the whole process: Step 1. Discover the Benefits of Successfully Debriefing with Prospects Step 2. Understand the Postdecision Mind-Set of the Prospect Step 3. Recognize How Salespeople Can Inhibit the Feedback Process Step 4. Design a Prospect Debrief Questionnaire Step 5. Utilize Proven Interviewing Techniques for Conducting Debrief Calls Step 6. Identify and Analyze Your Win/Loss Trends Step 7. Benchmark Your Feedback Step 8. Implement the Right Techniques to Increase Your Close Rate Refreshingly direct and right to the point, this system is based on 12 years of research and thousands of sales prospect interviews. This comprehensive, powerful program leads to better sales techniques and increased close rates. In short, it works.

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