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Gladiator: The Roman Fighter's (Unofficial) Manual

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Dimensions: L: 13.5cm x W: 2.4cm x H: 20.5cm

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Experience at first hand the spectacular, brutal life and savage death of the most iconic figure of ancient Rome.This manual will take the reader from the first faltering steps over the threshold of gladiator school, and through training to become a `man of the sword'. Find out how to get thousands to idolize you as the strongest, meanest fighter in the Roman empire. Learn why you should become a gladiator, how to join the profession, who will try to kill you (and what with), which arena of the empire is right for you, when and how often you will fight and what happens before, during and after the bout.

Book Title Gladiator: The Roman Fighter's (Unofficial) Manual
ISBN 9780500051672
By Author(s) Philip Matyszak
Publisher Thames & Hudson
Pages 200
Format Hardback
Dimensions 13.5cm x 2.4cm x 20.5cm
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