How Smart Are You? Test Your Math IQ

Attractive, take-anywhere, write-in quiz book that offers a daily dose of self-discovery!How Smart Are You? Test Your Math IQ is perfect for a handbag, briefcase, or knapsack! This entertaining and enlightening quiz book is great to have on hand anytime and anywhere, be it a long commute, a waiting room, or an evening at home. Every day our numerical skills are tested in different ways, from shopping to budgeting to bill paying. But not everyone is comfortable with numbers. How Smart Are You? Test Your Math IQ is a collection of challenging tests and puzzles that will help you hone your math skills.Each quiz can be taken in just a few minutes and is easily scored. With a fun, modern cloth cover, elastic closure and overall great package you will want to show off this IQ book wherever you go!Other titles in this series:Who Are You? Test Your Emotional IntelligenceWho Are You? Test Your PersonalityHow Smart Are You? Test Your IQ

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ISBN 9781579129033
Categories BX, Group 1, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Puzzles and Games
Author(s)  Thomas J. Craughwell
Publisher Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers Inc
Pages 128
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