How To Write Better Resumes And Cover Letters

Preparing a r (c)sum (c) that will attract prospective employers is a two-part exercise. First comes knowing how to summarize and advertise one's skills and background clearly and concisely. Just as important is knowing how to get the most out of a computer's word processing software--employing available typesetting techniques to make a r (c)sum (c) attractive to look at and easy to read. In today's job market it's better yet if the r (c)sum (c) is Internet-friendly and e-mailable. Author Pat Criscito presents a virtually fail-safe 12-step process for producing that perfect r (c)sum (c)v in all formats needed for a job search. Also important is the cover letter that accompanies it, and again, Pat Criscito tells how to create a dynamic, customized letter that stands out from the crowd. Job seekers who open this book will find scores of model r (c)sum (c) to serve as inspiration for their own, whether they're seeking that very first job or are experienced professionals looking to advance their careers.

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