In Defence Of Serendipity

"In Defence of Serendipity" is a lively and buccaneering work of investigative philosophy, treating the origins of serendipity, accident and sagacity, both as riddles and philosophical concepts that can be put to a future political use. Taking in Aristotle, LSD, Tony Blair and techno-mysticism, Olma challenges the prevailing faith in the benevolenceof digital technology and the illegitimate equation of innovation and entrepreneurship, arguing instead that we musttake responsibility for the care of society s digital infrastructure, and prevent its degeneration into an apparatus of marketing and finance. For although there is nothing wrong with marketing and finance"per se, "if they alone lead technological development, free of any discretionary political interference, the freedom to be exploited will be as much a part of the future as our ability to intervene freely in our lives, will be a thing of the past."

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ISBN 9781910924341
Categories Business and Economics, BX, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Seb Olma
Publisher Watkins Media
Pages 240
Format Paperback
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