Inside Out Human Body

"Discover the amazing human body, system by system and layer by layer, and the incredible things it is capable of with Inside Out Human Body. Comes with a real, 3-D model to help you learn faster!

What do you think is the most amazing machine in the universe? A superconductor? The modern computer? A rocket ship? Think again: It’s the human body! Astonishingly intricate and complex, your body grows, heals itself, and performs a mind-boggling number of complex functions all at the same time!"
Product Overview
ISBN 9780760355312
Categories Bestseller, BX, Children's Books, Children's Reference, New Arrivals, WBD
Author(s) Luann Columbo
Publisher BECKER & MAYER
Pages 16
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 22.6cm x 2.0cm x 28.4cm
Weight 0.495 kg
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