Iron City (Alita: Battle Angel)

The official prequel novel to the highly anticipated film.

A long time ago there was the Great War. The reasons for the war have been lost to time. On the shattered surface of the Earth, there is a metropolis that lives amidst the garbage thrown down from the inhabitants of a sky city floating above it. Welcome to Iron City.

A lonely doctor specialising in cyborg repair, Ido, is doing his best to help the citizens of Iron City. But Ido has a double life, another persona born from the pieces of his broken heart.

Hugo, a young man surviving on a life of crime, spots the ultimate steal: an object that will unearth secrets from his own past.

And Vector, the most powerful businessman in the city, has his sights set on a new technology that will change the future of Iron City forever...

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ISBN 9781785658372
Categories Bestseller, BX, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction, New Arrivals
Author(s) Pat Cadigan
Publisher Titan Books Ltd
Pages 384
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