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Journal of Discovery

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They were the men whose originality and genius were ahead of their time: Copernicus, Edison, Gutenberg, Watt, Lumiere, Marconi, and Bell. We all know their contribution's among them the printing press, the light bulb, and the telephone. They are milestones of the past and inventions that we still use today. Journal of Discovery is a unique collection of exquisite pop-ups and illustrations that celebrates these intellectual pioneers and their awe-inspiring works. Readers will learn about the Lumiere brothers, who made the first motion picture, and Marchese Marconi, who developed the first radio telegraph picture. They'll find out how James Watt perfected the steam engine and how Johannes Gutenberg developed his innovative method of printing. They'll learn how these ideas were received in the past, and how they continue to influence our present ? and our future.A stunning gift for history buffs and budding inventors of all ages, Journal of Discovery is sure to fascinate and inspire.

Book Title Journal of Discovery
ISBN 9781607102861
By Author(s) Peter Riley
Publisher Silver Dolphin
Pages 12
Format Hardback
Dimensions 24.13cm x 1.52cm x 28.96cm
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