Just A Family Affair

In the Gloucestershire village of Honeycote, country life is anything but quiet. Maybe it's something to do with all that fresh air, but it's the kind of place where passions run high. The Liddiard family are well known in Honeycote - and now there is to be a big wedding. But will everything go according to plan? Lucy Liddiard knows her husband is no saint, but isn't prepared for his latest confession. Bride-to-be Mandy has no idea what joining the Liddiards really means. And local girl Mayday, wild child, rebel and free spirit, is thinking the unthinkable with unimaginable consequences. JUST A FAMILY AFFAIR is a glorious, all-consuming story about finding out the truth, finding a husband, or perhaps just finding yourself.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781407238555
Categories BX, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction
Author(s) Veronica Henry
Pages 320
Format Paperback
Dimensions 11cm x 2.1cm x 17.6cm
Weight 0.17 kg