Keith The Cat With The Magic Hat

All Keith’s cat friends laugh when an ice cream unexpectedly lands on his head. But Keith decides it's really a magic hat. Keith's friends are delighted with Keith's magical abilities, but when Keith's hat tumbles off, how will he be able to save them all from a fierce dog? Luckily, Keith soon discovers that magic is still possible even when he isn't wearing his ice-cream hat. With bold and bright illustrations, and a quirky central character in Keith, this is a charming and comical story about turning an embarassing situation around, using a little touch of imagination.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781471144158
Categories BX, Children's Books, Highlight, Picture Books
Author(s) Sue Hendra
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 26
Format Paperback
Dimensions 16cm x 0.2cm x 16cm
Weight 0.21 kg