Kobacute #3

Due to a series of chain events, the Kobayashi twins’ real identities have been exposed by Aoi Sanada and Azusa Tokugawa! But Aoi gets physically ill from the mere touch of a girl! How is Megumu supposed to get closer to him now, let alone confess her feelings? Meanwhile, what will Azusa do with Mitsuru, now that his cross-dressing secret is out? The love story is about to take yet another strange and shocking turn… when Azusa confesses to Mitsuru!

Product Overview
ISBN 9789810798185
Categories BX, Children's Books, Comics, Group 1, New Arrivals
Author(s) Go Ikeyamada
Publisher Shogakukan Asia
Pages 192
Format Hardback
Dimensions 12.70cm x 1.50cm x 19.10cm
Weight 0.187 kg