Lgm: Malay In 3 Weeks

Learn Malay in 3 weeks? Yes you can!

This book enables you to communicate in practical everyday situations in the market, running a household, entertaining friends or travelling

In a series of easy lessons, each consisting of a reading passage, a list of important words, notes on grammatical usage and a translation exercise, you teach yourself how to speak and write Malay efficiently

When you have mastered the contents of this book, you should find no difficulty in making yourself understood, nor in understanding what people say to you in the Malay language.

Product Overview
ISBN 9789812614384
Categories Bacaan Umum, Bacaan Umum Lain-Lain, BX, Malay Books
Author(s) John Parry & Sahari bin Sulaiman
Publisher BookXcess Sdn. Bhd. 750543-D (BookXcess Online)
Pages 100
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.20cm x 0.60cm x 18.60cm
Weight 0.11 kg