Life-Changing Miracles: Real-Life Stories Of Unforgettable Encounters With God

God is near and desires to change our lives, and then change us--from the inside out. In this new collection, ordinary people share stories of how God has used miracles to change their lives. They tell how God's display of power helped them overcome weakness, sin, and unbelief. These accounts will bring you hope that you aren't defined by your past. This book will encourage your belief in God's power on earth. More important, it will show that he wants to do more than demonstrate his might--he wants to have a closer relationship with you.

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ISBN 9780764219436
Categories BX, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Humanities, Spirituality and Religion
Author(s) Bell, James Stuart
Publisher Bethany House
Pages 235
Format Paperback
Dimensions 14.0cm x 2.5cm x 21.6cm
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