Like My Teacher Always Said . . .

Erin McHugh?s last two books, Like My Mother Always Said . . . and Like My Father Always Said . . ., pulled together a rainbow of savvy, humorous, and ques?tionable wisdom from parents. Her next volume leaves home and heads for the classroom to celebrate what we gleaned from perhaps the most obvious candidates for learning: our teachers. The same quotation crowdsourc?ing McHugh has used so well before is at work again in Like My Teacher Always Said. . . . The book includes both full-page tales and short quips and is divided into chapters such as ?Scare Tactics,? ?Advice That Stuck,? and ?Crazy Town.? The material is exceptionally rich and comes from a diverse roster of characters - from grade school instructors and piano teachers to Catholic school nuns, guidance counselors, coaches, and mentors. This book is a perfect way to inspire memories of student days and an ideal gift for teachers to show your appreciation for the influence they?ve had on your life.

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ISBN 9781419720253
Categories BX, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Ramadan, Self-Help, WBD
Author(s) McHugh, Erin
Publisher Abrams
Pages 138
Format Hardcover
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