Little Women

The four March sisters couldn't be more different: Meg, the eldest, is dutiful and patient; Jo is adventurous, with dreams of being a great writer; shy, musical Beth is the peacemaker; and headstrong Amy likes the finer things in life. They may not always get along, but with their father away in the Civil War and their mother struggling to make ends meet, the sisters have never needed each other more. Together, the girls navigate growing up - from first love to sibling rivalry, loss and marriage. Whatever comes their way, they know they can rely on each other.

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ISBN 9780349011820
Categories BX, Classics, Fiction, Film, New Arrivals, WBD, Woman Authors, X-Deals
Author(s) Louisa May Alcott
Publisher Little Brown
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Format Paperback
Dimensions 13.5cm x 2.3cm x 20.9cm
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