Maybe It's You: Cut The Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life.

In Maybe It's You, life coach Lauren Handel Zander walks readers through the innovative step-by-step process that has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of her clients, and explains how anyone can achieve amazing things when we stop lying and finally start keeping the promises we make to ourselves. Whether readers want to find love, succeed at work, fix a fractured relationship, or lose weight, Zander's method will offer a road map to finally get there. Filled with practical exercises, inspiring client stories, and Lauren's own hard-won lessons, this book enables readers to identify, articulate, and account for their own setbacks so they can transform them into strengths.
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ISBN 9780316318662
Categories BX, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Self-Help
Author(s) Zander, Lauren Handel
Publisher Hachette
Pages 242
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 16cm x 2.3cm x 23.6cm
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