Memento Park: A Novel

A son learns more about his father than he ever could have imagined when a mysterious piece of art is unexpectedly restored to him. A mysterious piece of art connects a father and a son in this 'thoughtful, psychologically compelling novel about the ties that bind, and the ties that fail to' - Kirkus ReviewsAfter receiving an unexpected call from the Australian consulate, Matt Santos becomes aware of a painting that he believes was looted from his family in Hungary during the Second World War. To recover the painting, he must repair his strained relationship with his harshly judgmental father, uncover his family history, and restore his connection to his own Judaism. Along the way to illuminating the mysteries of his past, Matt is torn between his doting girlfriend, Tracy, and his alluring attorney, Rachel, with whom he travels to Budapest to unearth the truth about the painting and, in turn, his family. As his journey progresses, Matt's revelations are accompanied by equally consuming and imaginative meditations on the painting and the painter at the center of his personal drama, Budapest Street Scene by Ervin Kalman. By the time Memento Park reaches its conclusion, Matt's narrative is as much about family history and father-son dynamics as it is about the nature of art, and the infinite ways it helps us understand ourselves.

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ISBN 9781250310354
Categories BX, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, New Arrivals
Author(s) Mark Sarvas
Publisher St Martin's Press
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