Natural Cat Care

This title offers an alternative therapies for cat health and vitality. Features: an expertly written guide to holistic care for good cat health and well-being, helping to prevent ill health and maintain your pet's natural balance and harmony; understanding the link between body and mind: day-to-day preventative cat care, with professional advice on housing, feeding, grooming, exercise, worming, neutering and reproduction; an accessible guide to the major holistic therapies available in modern veterinary care: what they involve, how they work, and how your cat will respond; step-by-step instruction for alternative therapies to practise at home, including herbalism, homeopathy, aromatherapy, massage and Bach Flower remedies; and beautifully illustrated with over 280 photographs from a leading animal and wildlife photographer, showing how each therapy and treatment is applied. A natural lifestyle in tune with your cat's needs will help maintain balance and harmony, and this book aims to treat the whole animal with preventative and supportive remedies. It covers day-to-day care, housing, exercise, grooming, nutrition and diet, and then focuses on therapies such as massage, TTouch, physiotherapy, osteopathy, herbalism, homeopathy, Bach Flowers and aromatherapy. It provides solutions for problems such as aggression, fear and jealousy, eye and ear disorders, digestive problems and skin irritations. It is a beautifully illustrated reference book which offers an invaluable guide to cat health for owners who want the very best for their pet.

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