New Shops 9: Made in Italy

With this ninth book in the series, our long-running survey of the field of retail design continues with its historical perspective on this particular field of architecture, documenting the evolutions in taste over time. But the series also reveals the complexity of interior design with its ever-growing range of multidisciplinary features, and in this case new trends of expression are becoming evident. Now widely acknowledged for its quality, the series continues its focus on an evolving process, which, while expressing certain concepts of architecture that can be applied to other areas of design, also reveals the distinctly pioneering aspects of this specific area.

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ISBN 9788876851735
Categories Architecture and Design, BX, Highlight, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, X-Deals
Author(s) Silvio San Pietro; Paola Gallo
Publisher Edizioni L'Archivolto
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