*Open Data

What happens when Big Data is made open to YOU? Discover how Open Data can benefit you, your business, and your brand

"Open Data Now is an instant classic-essential reading." --Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence andFocus

What is Open Data? Open Data is the world'sgreatest free resource--unprecedented access to thousands of databases--and it is one of the most revolutionary developments since the Information Age began. Combining two major trends--the exponential growth of digital data and the emerging culture of disclosure and transparency--Open Data gives you and your business full access toinformation that has never been available to the average person until now. Unlike most Big Data, Open Data is transparent, accessible, and reusable in ways that give it the power to transform business, government, and society.

Open Data Now is an essential guide to understanding all kinds of open databases--business,government, science, technology, retail, social media, and more--and using those resources to your best advantage. You'll learn how to tap crowds for fast innovation, conduct research through open collaboration, and manage and market your business in a transparent marketplace.

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