Quick Tips For Busy Families : Sneaky Strategies For Raising Great Kids

Ingenious Parenting Shortcuts Every Mom and Dad Should Know Parenting can be hard work, and our lives continue to get busier and busier. Is it possible to lighten the load but still raise great kids? From his experiences as a dad as well as interacting with countless other parents, Jay Payleitner has gathered scores of secrets worth passing along--simple things veteran moms and dads have learned over the years. Things as simple as passing along truths during TV commercials. Or connecting with your children as you tuck them in at night. Or learning how to laugh over spilt milk. Some of the ideas are old-school secrets that were passed from one generation to the next; others deal with issues that would have never crossed Grandma and Grandpa's minds. All of them are easy to implement. This book is designed for a quick, breezy reading experience, letting parents pick and choose those ideas that will make their lives easier, their kids happier, and their futures even brighter.

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ISBN 9780764218699
Categories BX, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Parenting
Author(s) Payleitner, Jay
Publisher Baker Publishing Group
Pages 240
Format Paperback
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