Real Homes

Real homes are a reflection of their owners personalities and interests rather than a homage to current trends. In her perceptive photographs, Solvi dos Santos shows a range of living spaces that satisfy fundamental needs but are also private works of beauty and self-expression. This collection of homes, from a warehouse in Paris to a converted church in the Hudson Valley to a farmhouse in Ibiza, reveal spaces that are original, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Mixing materials, periods, and styles - country comfort with contemporary, traditional finishes with sleek and modern materials - the spaces communicate an effortless effect and a sense of everyday living. With hundreds of beautiful photographs accompanied by texts by Phyllis Richardson, the book will appeal to everyone who is seeking inspiration to create a home that springs from ones personal history and taste.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780500516867
Categories Architecture and Design, BX, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, WBD
Author(s) Thames & Hudson
Publisher dos Santos, Solvi
Pages 352
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 25.6cm x 3.6cm x 28.9cm
Weight 2.34 kg