Reheated Cabbage: Tales Of Chemical Degeneration.

Reheated Cabbage gathers stories showcasing Irvine Welsh's trademark skills: vaulting imagination, brilliant vernacular ear, scabrous humor, and the ability to create some of the most memorable characters in contemporary fiction. You can enjoy Christmas dinner with Begbie at his Ma's and see how he greets his sister's boyfriend and news of their engagement. You'll discover in "The Rosewell Incident" why aliens speak hardcore Scots English and plan to put Midlothian roughs in charge of the planet. And you'll be delighted to welcome back "Juice" Terry Lawson and now internationally famous DJ Carl Ewart, and watch them as they meet an old nemesis, retired schoolmaster Albert Black, under the strobe lights of a Miami Beach nightclub. These stories, most first published in small magazines and out-of-print anthologies, are all wildly offbeat and will delight both fans of and newcomers to Welsh's world.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780393338027
Categories BX, Fiction, Literary Fiction
Author(s) Irvine Welsh
Publisher WW Norton & Co
Pages 288
Format Paperback
Dimensions 14.2cm x 1.8cm x 21.1cm
Weight 0.23 kg